Solar Power Installations & Finance

Solar power systems are fast becoming one of the most cost-effective methods of electrical generation (if they are not already).

Not only do they allow you to generate cheap electricity; they are long-lasting and easy to maintain. The efficiency of solar panels has increased substantially over the years, and they become ever-more economical as electricity prices rise.

Additionally, government solar rebates and specialised solar finance packages make entry into a solar power system very affordable.

To top this all off, solar panels are one of the most environmentally friendly options for power generation.

Residential Solar Installations

Do you want ongoing reductions to your electricity bill?

With a solar power system, you can, for a very reasonable cost of installation. Even better, the upfront cost is quickly paid off with the savings to your electricity bill. From that point on the extra money goes into your pocket.

Solar Installation Finance

Specially developed and competitive finance packages are available for both commercial and residential solar power installations.

A solar finance package allows you to offset the upfront costs of a solar installation with the savings made on your electricity bill. Low-risk for big benefits.

Commercial Solar Installations

A commercial solar power system can greatly reduce your business electricity costs.

A commercial solar system gets the most benefit from daytime sun on the solar panels, which delivers a great financial return in power savings. You can even finance the installation costs. All tax-deductible of course.

Benefits of Installing a Solar Power System

Owning a solar system comes with a number of substantial long-term benefits.

  • Great ongoing savings potential for your power bill.
  • Cost of installation is subsidised by the Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Scheme.
  • No upfront payments needed when qualifying for a solar finance package.
  • Everything is taken care of by your accredited solar installer (that’s us!).
  • Great for the environment.
Benefits to install solar power system