Commercial Solar Systems

Installing a commercial solar power system for your business can save a substantial amount of money on your electricity bills.

Unlike residential solar installations which tend to be relatively standard sizes and configurations, commercial solar systems are more varied. They tend to be larger and more unique in scope and demand a set of skills not typically held by most solar installers.

The Commercial Solar Installation Company

At DJ Edwards Solar & Electrical, we have considerable experience in designing and installing commercial solar systems.

With larger commercial projects there are often engineering factors which arise, or the need to integrate with other existing systems. Additionally, knowledge and experience in working safely with 3-phase power is vital for many jobs.

Our long history of working in commercial and industrial settings means you will get the solar system that is optimal for your business. Don’t risk a cookie-cutter solar panel installation that doesn’t suit your needs.

If you are looking for a commercial solar intaller anywhere from Tweed Heads/Coolangatta through to the northern suburbs of Brisbane, our team will have you covered.

Solar finance packages

Solar Finance

Commercial solar finance packages are available for most solar installations. By taking an easy-to-apply finance option, there will not even be an upfront cost for your installation.

Even better, because a solar panel installation will save you money on your electricity bills, the finance repayments will come out of these savings. Often, your business will not be out of pocket at all. In fact, in many cases, there are savings left over to spend as you choose.

For business, as cash flow is king (or queen), installing a solar system makes great financial sense. (It’s a no-brainer).

DJ Edwards Solar & Electrical

We are not only accredited and experienced solar installers but also qualified commercial electricians. As such, we offer a range of additional commercial electrical services to business. These include lighting efficiency plans, shop or office refurbishments, or general electrical maintenance.

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