Residential Solar Power Systems

There is no better time to get into a new solar power system.

The efficiency of solar panels has steadily risen over the years. Solar power is now one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods for generating electricity.

You can now save considerable money on your electricity bill. In addition to more money in your back pocket, you will be helping create a greener, more environmentally-friendly world.

Family solar power installation

Why use DJ Edwards for your Residential Solar Power Installation?

We consider ourselves to be one of the best solar companies in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. With us you get;

Licensed Electricians

All our solar installations are performed by licensed electrical contractors, unlike many of the National solar companies.

All Work Guaranteed

The quality solar panels and inverters we use are all covered by extended warranties. We add our own 10-year workmanship warranty as well.

Accredited Solar Installers

We can claim government solar rebate on your behalf. This dramatically reduces the upfront price of a solar panel installation.

Design and Build

We will custom design and build a solar power system to suit your needs based on power consumption, roof layout, usage times and budget.

In Business 25 years

You get an experienced, local solar company and team, not a National call centre that sub-contracts out solar installations to the lowest bidder.

FREE Energy Report

On completion of your solar power system, we do an Energy Management Report to help improve system efficiency and maximise your savings.

Solar System Price

With the addition of the federal government solar rebate, a standard solar installation is able to pay itself off within 2-3 years. We can help you claim the solar rebate when you purchase your solar system. This way you can get a considerable discount off the upfront price.

A typical 10kw solar system could save around $600+ / quarter on your electricity bill*.

System price (after rebate) starts at $6990 + GST.

A typical 6.6kw solar system could save around $400+ / quarter on your electricity bill*.

System price (after rebate) starts at $4490 + GST.

*These solar savings calculations are estimates only. The real savings will be based upon the daily amount of sunlight received your electricity usage and current electrical tariff rates.

Additionally, we offer special solar finance packages that can cover the upfront costs of a solar installation. Even better, the solar loan repayments are usually covered by the savings on your electricity bill.

If you are a business wanting to reduce your electricity costs, we are also experienced commercial solar system installers and electrical contractors

Benefits of Investing in a Solar Panel Installation

With the recent surge in electricity prices, there is no better time to install a Solar Power System. A solar installation is the perfect long-term solution to reduce your power bill, and at the same time help protect the environment. We can also help you explore lighting energy savings and efficiency to save even more.

At DJ Edwards Electrical and Solar, we can help you get a solar house quickly and with no fuss.

Benefits to install solar power system