Retail Electrical Shopfitting and Refurbishment

When you need a retail electrician, the team at DJ Edwards Electrical & Solar are ready to help.

Operating a successful retail shopfront is more than just employing staff to sell a product. A successful shop will have much thought put into lighting, layout, design and the overall atmosphere of the store. Additionally, the functional equipment needed to efficiently operate the store needs to be closely considered.

All these aspects, when done properly, should blend seamlessly together to create an easy and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

We are experienced with the requirements of commercial shopfitting and retail refurbs.  

We Are Experienced Shopfitting Electricians

Retail electrical services deliver much more than a standard electrician can provide. Each project has its own unique requirements in terms of lighting, layout and electrical design. We can help with all aspects of electrical services for your project.

  • Liaison with lighting designers and builders.
  • Experience with installing specialised lighting and retail electrical equipment.
  • Determining expected energy usage to meet a commercial need and budget.
  • Maintaining energy management and efficiency.
Retail shopfitting electricians

Previous Retail Electrical Clients

Some of our previous retail and shopfitting clients include;

DJ Edwards Solar & Electrical - Commercial Electrician

The scale of retail electrical projects will often need more than a single shopfitting electrician to complete.

We offer an experienced team to get your premises up and running efficiently and effectively. Everyone is on the same page in terms of project goals and requirements. Years of experience as well as ongoing communication with builders and project managers means no unexpected surprises at the project’s completion.

If you have a retail electrical project you want to discuss, contact us now. At DJ Edwards Electrical & Solar, we are ready to help make your shop a commercial success.