Solar System Finance

Getting into a new solar system is one of the easiest things in the world. Special solar finance packages are now available to help cover the upfront cost of new solar installation.

Not only will it save you considerable money in the long-term, it may not even cost you an additional cent in the short.

We have found in most cases that the costs of the solar loan repayments are more than covered by the reduction of your electricity bill. By holding off, you are literally losing money!

Simple Solar Finance Application Process

The process of applying for finance of a solar installation is extremely simple.

We can complete your application onsite or via email. In most cases, confirmation of approval happens within 24hours. Even more, for solar systems of 30kW or less, approval is often received on the spot (less than 10 minutes).

We offer financing for solar systems for both commercial and residential installations.

Solar finance packages